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Why Cursillo?

Many participants say they have come much closer to Christ on their Cursillo weekend. They find a new joy and excitement in their faith-walk as a Christian. They are eager to continue to live His values in all aspects of their lives and to help others to see and know Christ in their lives.


The "after-the-weekend" activity of the Cursillo is known as the "Fourth Day." During this time, perseverance is important just as it is in any method of renewal.


In the Cursillo Movement, the community spirit continues after the weekend through "Ultreya" (see

below) or reunions of the community. These usually are held monthly as a means of growth in understanding and zeal within the Christian community.


Frequent reunions of smaller groups of cursillistas (pronounced kur-see-es-tas) (those who have attended a Cursillo weekend) are encouraged to help one another in spiritual improvement.

"Your movement, which recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, devotes itself to drawing forth from Christians, a commitment to live lives consistent with their faith - whether individually or as a community - and to bring this ferment to the environments where you live.


You have discovered anew the explosive truth of the evangelical message: God, Father of all, comes to us as we encounter Him in Jesus Christ to reunite us through the grace of the spirit in one family which is the church.


In her we are truly able to experience even now the love which will be the inexhaustible fountain of eternal joy in heaven. Here there is the synthesis of all Christianity. This is the news that all human hearts hope for without realizing it. Therefore, dedicate yourselves more to being tireless apostles in your environments.


My apostolic blessing goes with you as a pledge of this divine grace which enables you to live forever."


Pope John Paul II


          First National Italian Ultreya Rome, Italy, 1980

A Letter From Pope John Paul II