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Cursillo Weekend?

Who can Attend an RC Cursillo Weekend?

The Cursillo weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends Sunday night. During these three days those attending live and work together, listening to talks given by priests and laity. They also share the Eucharist and pray together. The title of the talks indicate their content: Ideals, Grace, Laity, Faith, Holiness,

Formation, Sacraments, Evangelization, Obstacles to a life of Grace, Christian Leaders,

Evangelization of the Environment, Christian Life, Christian Community, and Group

Reunion. Each talk is followed by a discussion period.

Catholic Cursillo is for: 


Roman Catholics,


Persons 21 years old or older,


Those in communion with the Catholic Church and receiving the sacraments, or are able to do so,


Those who would like to have a closer experience with Christ,


Those who seek to be in a community that strives to live Christ's values.